Derick Hembd 
Derick serves as President of SixCo Nevada. His background includes serving in the Marine Corps with extensive global logistics expertise (ocean cargo, rail, air delivery operations) and as a global insurance/risk consulting professional. This foundational background is at the forefront in an understanding to the complete project life-cycle of  development with delivering results that brings innovative solutions and complete transparency with collaborative Private and Public partners. 
Derick has over 12 years serving his clients as their Client Relationship Manager. His  working experience includes: structuring Wild Fire liability coverages for large Investor and Municipal owned Ultilities; project specific insurance placement for projects up to $800m in construction value; and various other solutions within the Construction, Power/Utilities, Public, Real Estate and Transportation vertical. Derick is a graduate from The Energy School and held a Construction Risk & Insurance Specialist (CRIS) designation. Derick is also a Decorated Marine Corps Veteran and has served as a Board Member on the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Museum foundation. He also is a dedicated mentor for military veterans through American Corporate Partners. 
Derick earned B.A. History, Social Science emphasis, from Sonoma State University.

Gary McNamara
Vice President
Gary, a 20 year resident of Reno, NV,  joined SixCo of NV in 2020, as a critical player in the future of rail infrastructure in Nevada. McNamara, as President of NViaggio, Inc., Nevada, is credited with organizing a group of international and industry best companies and consultants in anticipation of adding critical rail infrastructure in the Western United States. McNamara’s family lineage reaches all the way back to the original Six Companies, a world renowned group that is credited for building Hoover Dam along with many other projects that stretched over the West. 
McNamara is an experienced consultant, organizational leader, executive and coach with a track record of achieving company and industry best results. During his career, McNamara has served as an Owner, Chief Operating Officer, Director of National Sales, Director of Recruiting and Retention, Senior Leadership Team Director and Executive Consultant. 
Besides being a trusted business consultant and confidante to executives, McNamara also has 24 years of college and high school baseball coaching experience. The unique combination of executive and athletic leadership experiences provide McNamara with a unique ability to assemble specialized teams and lead those teams to exceed company expectations. McNamara’s energetic and team oriented leadership style is now focused on leading SixCo NV to help create the necessary infrastructure needs required to ensure Nevada strong future for generations to come.
Gary earned B.S. from San Francisco State University.

Andy Hewitt
Chief Integration Officer
Andy was the President of Manhattan Energy, focused on developing combined industrial-scale biomass and associated renewable systems. Previously, he was the Director of Business Development at Teledyne FLIR, creating integrated security solutions for federal, state, and local law enforcement entities, including government and military infrastructure programs in southern Nevada. 
He served 28 years in the United States Marines Corps as an Infantry and Intelligence Officer. He was the Director of Operations & Budget in the State Department, Office of US Assistance to the New Independent States, and held the post as Reserve Naval Attaché in the United Arab Emirates. He is an Investment Partner at several Workforce and Category-B housing development funds throughout the United States, including McDowell Fund Properties, Argosy Real Estate Partners, Transwestern Strategic Partners, and Reliant Property Management.  
Andy earned B.A. in Near Eastern Studies from the University of California at Berkeley.

Bill Vinnicombe Energy 
Finance Advisor
In addition to being an Energy Finance Advisor for SixCo Nevada, Bill is the CEO of Solar Financing Solutions LLC.
Founded in 2006, Solar Financing Solutions is a leading renewable energy project development and customer financing firm specializing in the development, implementation, management, and financing of solar pave, energy storage, energy efficiency, and renewable fuel projects.
Prior to Solar Financing Solutions, Bill spent over 25 years in development and management of vendor and customer financing programs in the high technology sector.  Bill’s experience includes building an outsourced customer financing program with Cisco Systems Capital and successfully acquiring it (in a MBO) from American Express in 2003.  Prior to Cisco, Bill held senior positions with various financial institutions in the captive financing industry.
Bill has an M.B.A. in Accounting/Finance from the Anderson School at UCLA, and B.S. in Agricultural Economics/Business Management from UC Davis.